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Unhappy terrible hookah accident :-(

so last night my girlfriend and i were going to do some reviews...we had everything set up and i starting puffing to get it going. I got about 8 puffs in before our new kitten ran up and got tangled up in my brand new razan hose. the whole hookah fell over, my coals went flying. it was terrible. my first instinct was to grab the cat because she was swatting around the coals. After that, my girlfriend was screaming at me to get the coals because they were on our without thinking, i picked one up with my bare hand and threw it on my ashtray, then i noticed the other coal was laying on my new razan on my hookah rug. So it ruined my hose but didn't burn through to the carpet.
So..anyway. I ended up with a nice burn hole in our apartment, a slightly burned hand, brand new razan hose with a bad burn hole through it (it's about to split in half), wasted 2 coconaras, somehow ended up burning my ashtray, chipped my already chipped base even more, my stem seems a bit crooked. AND on top of that, we couldn't even smoke after that because my other hoses were at my parents house. Only positive thing is my kitten wasn't harmed.
I was in complete shock afterwards. I can't afford to fix any of that.

Anyone have any tips with burns in carpets? (probably not, but thought i'd ask)
Also does anyone know if i can salvage my hose? I'll try to get some pics up. I thought maybe trying some electrical tape? I don't know much about fixing things.
I don't think i can fix my stem or my base. The base is chipped right where the grommet goes in and now it's sharp enough to cut through skin!

Ahh, i just can't believe this happened...Sorry guys, i had to vent.

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