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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Hey you guys! I'm backing up 1lowtoy and Bobby up on this one.

Gabe just sent me an email:

"That was an isolated incident. Exoticas
are examined very closely but the metal that was claimed to be in the
exotica has been seen in all the other brands but never in exoticas. We are
looking into how it happened and it shall never happen again. We are
thinking, that the metal was from the molding to make the shape or the raw
materials that came from Syria and we have now implemented another step in
creating exoticas where the powder wood will be examined by machines to not
contain any metal or foreign objects. As stated, it is a one out of over
100,000kgs sold world wide. Hope all is well and we are going to examine
the coals when we receive it back from the customer and the product will be
sent back to china to be looked into as well. It shall not happen again,
not even 1/million kg
Thank you

Have a Hookahlicious Day

This goes out to all the people who think Gabe wasn't considerate and didn't care about his costumers or anything like that.

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