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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
Also Gabriel if you or any of your staff reads this I CANT SAY HOW SORRY I AM FOR THIS BLOWING UP LIKE THIS. All i wanted is people to be aware there might possiably a problem that could eaisly avoided. Im also going to write you a appoligy directly also.

Dude don't be sorry! You wanted to bring this to our attention so we can keep a look out for 'em. Gabe is responsible and very concerned (I don't give a rat's ass about the people who think Gave doesn't give a shite).

To some folks...Don't JUDGE people until you've actually MET them in PERSON.

You did the right thing..Who knows..Maybe another person would have received this box and posted it up elsewhere to shed bad light on Exotic Imports on purpose while you were just merely trying to show your concern. I am happy you alerted Gabe in a professional matter and not "OMG I am suing you Gabe and I hope you company DIES!" lol or anything like that.

At least now, Gabe can be aware that this could happen so now, he can prevent anything like this to ever happen again
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