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Default Re: The Mya line of hookahs

Originally Posted by MAD_HATTER View Post
I was looking into purchasing a Mya hookah. But as I was looking through the forums i read alot of negativity towards this brand of hookahs. What I want to know is why is Mya bad? Please give your opinion on this brand. like why would you or wouldnt you get a mya. What are the pros and cons etc. Please give your opinion thank you.
It's all personal preference. You can get good and bad products from any company, Mya, KM, MZ, etc.

I have a Mya Bambino that's a great pipe, about as solid and as well made as anything out there. I have the spectrum from a modern Stargate to handmade KM's and MZ's. They are all great. As long as they are airtight, have a decent sized chamber/vase for smoke, you should be good to go.

Now bowls, hoses, and shisha, that's another discussion..................
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