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Default Re: Has AF finally sorted out they problems?

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
I just got the freshest batch possible, its the august 08 batch straight from dubai a few days ago, and i gotta say the strawberry is delicious, its compared to the one i smoked when i was a newbie bout 3 or 4 years ago,

The cut of it aint fine and is more like a starbuzz cut its medium and red, if i remember correctly it used to be more brown, but who cares if its taste as good as this, its got a creamy strawberry smell out of the container and i could smell it through the box and taste exactly the same its a delicious creamy strawberry taste

Lets just hope its here to stay :-) and all the flavours are sorted now

I will let you know how the grape taste as well as this has been a massive problem last few months for me, got the august 08 for that as well
I had heard on other threads that they went with a new cut. It seems to be very fine and "chopped" compared to SB. For me it seems to make it more difficult to "fluff up" to get air through it, and harder to pick out the stems. Anybody else find this too?
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