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Default The Iran connection

Today it's called Iran, it was once Persia, Medes, and in it's history saw hundreds of other conquerers who changed its borders slightly along with it's form of government. But the Iranians stay true to their hookah tradition and have a special hookah shisha bowl for the Ajamy style shisha which is total dry shisha tobacco with no glycerin, molasses or honey. I bought a pack 2 months ago in Jerusalem which must have come like this : Iran to Iraq to Jordan to Israel. Came in a small square pack.
I took it home, put in a small plastic bag with tiny holes to let water out and rinsed it once letting all the water to drip and then squeezed out the extra water lightly. I found it too strong so I made some more by rinsing a second time and found it fine. Don't make more than one bowlfull or it will grow mold, believe me it happened to me. I find non-flavoured Nakhla Zaghloul much tastier and easier than the above, but it's smoked Egyptian style not "Iranian style".
which leads me to the special Iranian hookah :
See that the head is a part of the whole metal assembly. I have this hookah at hom ,same designs but unfortunately no Iran hookah head.
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