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Default Beer Flavoured shisha/I found it in an ancient Egyptian Pyramid

I can't remember who wrote asking about Beer Flavoured shisha but since he uploaded a photo with the brand name I went a while back online to find it. No good. Finally checking for manufacturers in general I went to "" which is an international site to connect wholesalers of all products to buyers and vice versa.
After an hour looking online under "Jordanian shisha manufacturers" and getting the info from the online American companies, I went to for company leads. Wow! Ever did you hear of "Cuzzins Shisha com."? It's an old Arab custom to market their wears under english names spelled uncorrectly.
Here you may find all the manufacturers of shisha that you never heard of. I found out 8 years back for instance that "Romman" shisha which is Jordanian and run by Ronnie Romman, but is owned by Remez Mazzawi and is made by Mazzawi manufacturers. Okay, here you can find all you ever dreamed of and more. Even Beer Flavoured shisha (hold on tight). But unless you are a wholesaler and want to buy a few tons, forget it. Unless the forum want to buy Beer flavour as a large group. Maybe we can ask for samples. I demand that I get a few free packs for revealing the truth.



You have to search around, but in the site search engine as soon as you type in "hookah" you get a number of possabilities to choose from. Try writing in "Shisha".

Another similar great site for Hookahholics who like to get their kicks online too :

A nice Indian company which knocks out 5000 hookahs a month, you might just have bought one.... ( India)
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