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Default Re: Watch your exoticas closely

Thank you Jill =)

Gabe has a great product and will not let it go to shit over a stupid piece of metal. I dare anyone to argue that.

As for my post count, I have been around for a VERY long time. I only post where it matters or if I get my hands on something that's coming soon, that I am ALLOWED to share publicly. I'm not some kid trying to talk shit. I'm not a newbie. I know what i am talking about. If I didn't personally know Gabe and know that this most likely won't ever happen again, then I certainly wouldn't make myself look like an idiot, defending someone that doesn't back their product.

Any of you can reach Gabe, fairly easily. How many of you can name/contact anyone from sierra networks, starbuzz, karabetian (nakhla importers), al amir, etc...? I'm sure some of you can, but the general public cannot. It says a lot. Not necessarily that they are bad business people, but they choose not to deal with this kind of drama. But Gabe and Eric decide to and are typically open to all questions, directly. It DOES say a lot.

Gabe, Randy (Fantasia), and Eric (from Tangiers) are pretty much the only big people in the industry that are open straight to their customers and don't hide behind secretaries or middlemen or anything. Look at the current AF situation. Sierra networks imports it, obviously theyre not going to know exact answers as to why it is going downhill. So some of you took it upon yourselves to email AF directly, most emails went unanswered. When one of you DID get one, it was an unclear answer.....and im sounded very shady and it was as if they were trying to beat around the bush. All in all, you still contacted a middleman and received that answer. I'm sure he is MORE than willing to tell you that the colouring is added to the tobacco leaf, to hide the actual shitty look of the tobacco, and create a more appealing illusion. Sorry folks, AF got a head on their shoulders and became far too comfortable, skimped on the quality, and we all pay for it. I won't stray too much off topic though.

We got a hold of Gabe. Gabe also stays informed inside the community. Answers were given, call to China was made. Measures were taken to prevent this again. Thank you Gabe, for being open to all of us.

Case Closed.


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