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Default Re: Does Smoking different flavors from one hookah matter?

hookah bars have people smoking around the clock which makes the flavor stick to the hookah, if they do not separate hookahs by flavor, the flavors will interfere with eachother making a bad mix. Also some flavors are more pungent than others and would interfere with less pungent flavors (for example u cannot smoke Black Molasses after u smoke Apple). Moreover, if u wash thoroughly after each use, u don't have to worry. I myself take the stem to the bathtub, use the faucet at high pressure to push water through the stem from both directions to remove all the dripping juices. Also using separate hoses (if not washable) for separate flavors is better, and last but not least, washing the base thoroughly (I rinse it well, then fill it half full and shake it very hard), this should help
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