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Default Buying my first hookah

I never smoke hookah on my own. It always me and someone else, or two other people. I'm looking for something so me and a couple guys at my uni can go out, find a picnic bench, set the thing up, and just smoke a little.

Ideally it will have three hoses, but two is alright I suppose.

I'm looking to spend less then 100$, but I also want something that will last a couple years without leaking or corroding.

Here are 3 that I found

This one looks nice and is cheap. But I'm afraid that it'll be a cheap Chinese hookah and will start leaking after 5 uses

Then there is this one. Handmade Egyptian, which is nice. The price is also good. I'm probably most likley to get this one. One thing I'm concered about is that if there are only 2 people smoking, will I have to cover the third hose? How do I do that, besides just jamming a paper towel in there.

Finally there is this one. Probably the highest quality of the three, but a little too pricey for my taste

I know very little about hookahs. I only want to spend about 60$. I also want it last a couple years without any maintence other then cleaning.

Post some suggestions please.

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