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Default Re: expiration dates on shisha?

I take it like food - some foods are really bad at the EXP date (milk, sandwich meat, ect) others can be used for an XX amount of time before they really go bad (bread, cereal, ect). The EXP date sometimes just a "Best Used By Date".

I've smoked some out of date shisha; some was fine, others tasted off (sorta plasticly) and although they were still juicy, they well past the EXP date. I always just shoot for the best production date and store it well, but ...

I've recently purchased an "in date" box of AF that due to the way it was stored - tasted VERY off (stored in DIRECT sunlight in the dead of summer, in the front window of a shop). But I've bought from that vendor before under the same conditions and it was fine. Alot of things can go into the condition of shisha and it's usability/smokablity.
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