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Default Re: The Mya line of hookahs

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
time is only part of it. the machinery to make it faster, the better materials, the fact that the materials are harder to machine than others so that ups cost, shipping could be more, etc

just because it only takes 1/2 the times to make the item that is a small fraction of what goes into manufacturing, the over head and materials are part of it and then also the margin of profit plus the amount of middle men. say H-S gets a hookah and sells it for 65 bucks but they go it from their factory in the middle east where as when they get a mya it goes from the factory in china owned by mya who marks it up, maybe a distributor that marks it up then H-S would mark it up before the sell it to you. my local shop sells myas for a lot less than most of the places on line, heck i could buy the hookahs and turn around and sell them and make 15 bucks per and still sell them for less than on line.

I guess its all about the situation than.
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