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Default Re: Jet Glass shots... (lots of pics)

Originally Posted by FarBeyondDriven View Post
Wow that is amazing indeed! Perhaps I should look into purchasing one. How is the quality of the smoke? Does the shisha ever burn with this bowl and the glass screen? How about the ease of cleaning it? Not to be a pest, I am just interested in knowing these things
Quality of smoke is amazing once the glass heats up. It just takes a little longer than with foil. Heat management so far has been much easier for me. I'm getting some huge clouds with this.

Cleaning is a bit more work, especially the glass screen. I used a scotch brite pad and got most of the gunk off with a little scrubbing. I haven't tried putting olive oil on it yet, but I will try that to see if it helps. Hopefully it won't affect the taste.
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