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Default Re: what is your smoking ritual?

hrm my ritual. Well I either get up or get home. So I'm awake.

Usually, I'll go down stairs get a coke, or a water. Look for a snack. Usually Chips, hummas, pita bread/ chips, um. fruit, something easy to eat. I'll get my other half his snack if he is home and i'll go back to the gameroom/ hookah den.
I will take out the coals, throw them on the little burner. Then I'll turn on the tv and find something to watch / listen to while i get everything else prepared. When the coals are just about ready, I'll pack my bowl, then throw the foil on, and then I'll put the coals on and then pop the wind cover on for a minute. After a few minutes i'll take the cover off and go to town.

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