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Default Re: Coconaras not staying lit

i had that issue when i started with them, you gtoa leave them on longer. put them on the stove until the bottom and all the corners are starting to ash, then flip and leave them on for a few more. when i pull them off i blow on both sides really hard to get them up to glowing then put them in the coal carrier, pull them out at the hookah and blow again putting the side that was up in the carrier onto the bowl. then i flip them the first time after like 5 mins, blow a lot on the part that was up and maybe a touch on the part that was down then flip.

the first 5 mins you have to flip them or else they go out some. i also found that just leaving them on the coil for like a total of 8-10 mins is what is needed. if you do like i do the coals get going very very well, the sides do go out some but as long as you blow on them when you flip they are ok. i started just touching them with a blow torch for like 2 seconds before i put them back on jsut so i dont have to blow really hard to get the black back up to red.

they dont stay glowing like the exoticas do as well but as long as you heat them up all the way though they will stay red inside and on the non down side usually. takes a little more playing but after you figure it out they are easier than exoticas and last longer, was a big fan of exoticas but after giving the cocos a try i really like them, both have the ups and downs
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