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Default Re: pet peeves

I've only smoked with friends so far, and they all know how to enjoy a hookah, so i haven't noticed any pet peeves with that kind of stuff yet.

But i will see some people on stickam who just pull in really hard, hold it for a few seconds, then exhale really hard, and i'm just like... ><. I want to tell them "you're doing it wrong!" but it doesn't really matter to me.

I think the big clouds are a big part of the whole satisfying hookah smoking for me. I love letting out a big cloud of smoke slowly then watching it dissipate.

Although when it's a circle of me and 3 friends it's fun to play chicago, take quick puffs and pass the hose around quickly and the first one to exhale loses :P No point really, but it's fun to do with my friends who don't smoke often and complain about a really hard buzz, haha.
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