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Default Re: Looking for a closer vendor.

I was expecting something more from them
this is the email i got ::::::::;
Thank you for visiting smoking-hookah, these are our shipping costs worldwide:

$7.5 on orders up to $15,
$10 on orders from $16 to $50, and
$13.5 on orders from $50 to $110, and
$16 on orders from $110 to 160, and
$30 on orders of $161 and over.

We do our best to deliver our products in a timely fashion, (estimated 5-7 work days contingent upon shipping location and availability for any order
over $50, 10-14 work days on orders up to $50).

Please be sure to provide a valid email address.

You can find this information on our web-site at:

Please let us know if you need more information,

Sincerely yours

Defenatly not what i expected judging on the VERY friendly approach of the 2 most active vendors of this forum Nazar
and JandR

Shipping prices are quite good tho. An order from THe US costs about 20 bucks to ship ( 2lb's) from here its 10.
I still prefer other vendors,tho due to better appoach to their customers and better variety!


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