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I will guess that this will strike a bunch of you guys as uptight but I think that we need to not throw around the term addiction around so casually as that word has a very specific definition and simply looking forward to or wanting to do something does not mean that one is addicted. Things that are pleasurable and habit forming are not necessarily addictive although Iíll leave the science of the matter for now as it's more important address the matter of responsible and rational use of tobacco since I presume we all are adults.

What I propose is that we consider the circumstances when one rationally should not smoke. Some such instances are obvious such as pregnancy, nursing, heart troubles, colds, asthma etc. Other instances are not obvious but should be considered.

For instance, someone here complains about not being able to taste his moassel and ruled out the obvious causes mentioned by many of us here. However, he apparently has regular multi-hour sessions per day and it stands to reason that such excess could deaden oneís taste buds. Clearly the solution is to smoke less often in order to enjoy it more. A second example of knowing when one needs to indulge less is when becomes anxious when not smoking or becomes nervous, disputatious, distracted or other wise impaired in oneís day to day life.

What we need to keep in mind is that smoking is a brief reprieve from the rigors of life in which one can enjoy the tastes and textures that only smoking can provide. When it becomes something other then that it ceases to be a pass time and becomes something dictates your life rather then compliment it.

Since I prefer to control my pass times rathen then have control me I periodically give them up and ask my friends and co-workers to see how I handle things. If find that I canít handle life well without something then I would know I have a problem I need to overcome. If you feel you have become dependant upon something that carries a health risk then you need to stop doing it.
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