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Default Re: Jet Glass shots... (lots of pics)

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
I just bought one of theese things because of your review man..
But now u say u dont use the little mod any more? What was it good for anyways..
And whats the difference between using the glass screen and foil.. ?
Congrats! What color did you go with? I really like mine.

I still use my mod. It is tough to clean, but it saves some shisha since I typically smoke solo.

Glass vs. foil: Glass takes longer to heat up. With glass, ash from the coals won't get into your shisha. You also don't get coal taste with glass. The glass holds heat longer than foil and seems to heat the shisha more evenly. For me heat management seems easier with glass. With glass, you do need to flip your coals more often. Glass is also a bitch to clean. I still need to try rubbing some olive oil on it to see if that helps.

One piece of advice I have with the glass: don't use a scotch brite pad to clean it. I did this and my glass screen now has scratches on it and looks slightly foggy. Fortunately I didn't scratch my bowl, just my screen. I've heard an SOS pad works well for cleaning it, but havn't tried it myself yet.
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