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exactly! people that hold the hose while telling stories and then after they're done they don't even hit it again before they give it to you......

Originally Posted by Adam2uBer View Post
@yeags777: You're not overreacting. I can only imagine how aggrivated you were.

My pet peeves:
People who keep it for too long.
People who only take one drag then pass it. I know this will sound really contradicting but for the love of humanity...ENJOY IT!
People that talk about the set up a hookah (bowl, coals, etc) and how to set it up when they've never done it themselves.
People who hold the hose while telling a lengthy story and don't even smoke from it or pass it.
People that are smoking cigs/cigars that decide to join in on the rotation. Either smoke your damn cig or the hookah...NOT BOTH!
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