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Heh SB is my go to shisha now along with Sinbad! Thank you Dunkel

..Used to be AF...but ehhhh!

Sb has some hella good flavors and some bad IMO:

SB White peach (probably my fav out of that brand)

SB Blue Mist. But word of caution, this stuff is very good at first but then it becomes too sweet to smoke on a daily basis

Sb Apple Americano. Tastes like Nakha Double Apple without the excessive licorice flavor. A.A has a LITTLE licorice, but it compliments it and I hate licorice so this is a compliment lol

SB Margarita! Tastes like a real margarita without the alcohol

SB Strawberry Margarita. Pretty damn good Reminds me of pink lemonade or something with margarita mixed in.

SB Lemon Tea. Its an okay flavor..but eh. Gets kinda old after a while and I actually love tea

SB Peaches and Cream. Good but gets too sweet after a while

SB Safari Melon dew. Its an okay flav but I don't like melon

SB Tangerine Dreams. Its okay but it has this weird after taste of like grapes or something? eh idk

SB Strawberry. Eh. Lol heat senstive like the Kiwi Strawberry but the flavor is okay but I don't think I'll see myself buying a tin

SB Fuzzy Naval. Its a okay flavor but it gets waaaayyy to sweet after a while.

SB Citrus Mist. Eh its okay. I wish that they just kept it as "Gummy Bears" since I love gummy bears lol

SB Kiwi Strawberry: Burns hella easily and the tastes is almost non existent. I've had a different sample and it tastes good..but idk wtf was up with my tub. Apparently, other people have had probs with this flav as well

SB Sour Apple: Burns easily too and I get this weird filmy taste in my mouth every time I smoke this flavor. Its very weak as well. I've heard that SB's Sour apple used to be the best Sour Apple...But they changed the recipe and now it sucks.

This is what takes the cake... SB X ON THE BEACH! *barfs* First SB flav I ever bought and it was one of the first flavs I bought. Waste of money. More like Sh** on the beach lmao. Tastes sun tan lotion smothering berries. No joke. Probably my LEAST favorite flavor from Starbuzz.
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