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Default Re: pet peeves

My pet peeves:

People who draw like they have iron lungs. I mean COME ON there is no reason to actually LURCH while you take a hit for "more power"...... If you're not getting great clouds before, this isn't going to help much but make the next person have a shitty burnt hit.

2- People who don't tell you the hose they are passing is "hot". By that I mean the draw being harsh.... I'm mixing drinks, or getting people crap or whatever to always tend to the hookah, when I take a drag and then feel the fire creeping inside my throat.... I get pretty irritated! HOW CAN YOU JUST KEEP SMOKING THIS AND NOT TELL ME!??!

3- I hate hookah whores. (Except for me) I'm allowed to hog the hose because it's mine if no one is smoking or holds out their hand or asks for it. I hate when people get distracted by everything else, so it's for safe keeping until someone wants it! lol

4. People knocking over my hose, hookah, bowl, tongs, coals whatever. If they knock over my hookah stuff, i get pretty mad no matter what it is. Just watch were you are going! ugh. My stuff is in the same general area each time we smoke. LEARN THAT!

5. People asking me "when i'm going to light the hookah"..... I smoke it everyday. It will Most likely be lit sometime during your stay at my house. Don't ask... just get up and start the process or say - "hey can we smoke peach? or whatever?" - because NOBODY ever gives me a hint on what they want to smoke, it's always"Hey are you going to light the hookah... Um ok... what do you want to smoke... i don't know... "and then i'm stuck making it and thining up something to smoke. I hate that too....

6- People who smoke right before smoking my hookah. I CAN TASTE THAT JUNK.... COME ON. gross. eat a tick tack or something. NOT cool.

7. People who light up cigs after smoking hookah. Did you not just inhale 3 hours of hookah into your lungs? (I know i know "it's different".)

I think i'm done being bitchy right now. I'm irritated and not happy so this was a good post lol!

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