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Default smoking bad for excercise?

Hey guys! I have smoked like everyday for past 2 yars and every now and then for 2 more years...

I have always worked at the gym, wich has really no impact on how much I can handle.. I mean gym doesnt really require much from ur condition and oxygen handling, stamina ... ( Im sorry about my bad english... )

But the thing is, since last month Ive been working out in muay thai, its a fighting sports... Wich really takes ur breath away! U need really good stamina to handle theese workouts..

So my questcion to you guys is, does anyone know how bad shishasmoking is in that aspect? I know that cigarettes is so bad that its not even an option to smoke and try to make my athletics skills any better.. But shisha seems less bad, maybe u get cancer as normal tobacco I dont know and I dont care as much as I do in the aspect of getting worse stamina!
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