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Default Re: Jet Glass shots... (lots of pics)

For everyone worried about cleaning the mod or the screen or bowl... there is a simple solution! (as long as the piece is made of glass) =) a friend of mine actually showed me this a couple of nights ago. All you need is some powder dishwashing soap, a microwavable container that can hold the thing to be cleaned, and some water. For the **tobacco** pipe I cleaned using this method, it removed a HUGE amount of gunk from months of use, so at least give it a try =-P

First, make sure you get what you can out of/ off of the item using normal methods like scrubbing and water.
Second, pour the dishwashing powder directly into the item and all over the areas that are dirty, and then place it in the container.
Finally, add water and microwave the assembly for a minute at a time, as needed, until you achieve the desired results.

Hope that helps, good luck everyone
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