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Default Re: Jet Glass shots... (lots of pics)

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
hey Mate!
yeah you know what.. I was so damn excited when i ordered that I actually didnt care about the color, and therefore dont remeber what colour I got.. I just know that it wasn't the collectors edition and it wasnt the tower model.. So it will be a sureprise

Do u use this bowl as u smoke on a regular bases? Cus I smoke sometimes twice a day and to clean that thing seems hard, maybe not the energy to do that twice :S

Do u think u can clean it in the dishwasher?
Post some pics of it once you receive it. I'd love to see it.

This is my go-to bowl now with the exception of when I smoke Tangiers. Since I'm new to smoking Tangiers, I want to perfect it with my small Tangiers Funnel bowl and foil first before moving on to my Jet Glass.

Cleaning will be easier if you pack it so no tobacco touches the glass screen. The glass screen is the thing hardest to clean for me. The bowl isn't too bad to clean. The rim gets some spots here and there. The scalli is hard to clean underneath it. I usually don't get all the spots out of the underside of my scalli.
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