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Default Re: smoking bad for excercise?

Hi all and thanks for the great responses !
I have thought about it for a while.. and I think my conclusion is this:
Maybe smoking everyday is not so good... But I mean 3 - 4 times a week surely cant be that bad for your stamina if you excercise on a regular bases.. Hookah is just to good to resist for just a little stamina boost.. I just love it too much !

Someone asked if Im on it because the nicotine.. No actually I dont really know anyone thats on hookah because of nicotine... It's pure psychology.. I just looove to have that alfa kher double apple flavour ,,, It tastes soo good.. I mean it's only 0.05% nicotine anyways.. Doesnt really affect me in my opinion..

And as Zensilk said in the last respons.. for smoking shisha for 2 years on a daily basis, I haven't really had bad stamina in my exercises, so is it possible that it only slows it down just a bit. And if u work hard enough that you will still become better and better and that the shisha really just holds you off a few single procent??

I think that's my hypothesis ( maybe bad english but I'll guess u can use word hypo... here) and my final conclusion is: It's not worth it man !!!!! Give up shisha for a few procent better stamina .. Hell no..

Thank you all guys! U have helped me set me mind up in this subject and Im going to continue to chillout at night with my lovevly green and red apples!!!
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