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Default Re: Jet Glass shots... (lots of pics)

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
I will defenitly post some pics when I get it!

So you say it is your go-to bowl now.. Lovely.. U use it with the glassscreen all the time or with foil sometimes when ur lazy or something like that..

I actually ordered a chinese small funnel (tangiers was sold out ) to use for thoose moment when I dont want to clean the screen and bowl..

have you tried any alfa kher in it? and in that case what flavour..?

Im also guessing that the tangiers bowl was your favourite before.. Is this glass bowl better then te tangiers for you ( except for with tangieras tobacco )
I've only used my glass screen with it so far. If I were to want to use foil, I'd probably just use my Tangiers funnel. It would be a shame to cover up this art with foil.

I have mainly smoked Al Fakher out of it. I'm smoking a mix of AF Grape, Watermelon, and Mint right now in fact.

I actually bought both my Tangiers Funnel and Jet Glass at the same time from different vendors. I have only used my Tangiers Funnel so far with Tangiers tobacco, so I can't really compare both. The Jet glass holds a lot less shisha, which is great for me since I typically smoke solo.
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