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Default Re: Jet Glass shots... (lots of pics)

awesome man!! Feels so safe to hear you say that u have a tangiers, but yet to prefer to smoke your alfa kher tobacco inside the glass funnel bowl . ! I love to hear that, cus Im afraid of getting dissapointed.. Im all about flavour, since Ive smoked many years. I really dont want this to be, just like many other hookah things Ive bought during the years, a dissapointment.. U search for the revolutionary shisha method and u end up with pure bullshit..

But this time it actually looks convincing.. Ive ordered this glas funnel with the glas screen. Ive ordered some alfa kher golden grape wich I have never tried before, also some other alfa kher 50 gram packs to try. Also a new hose, razer sultan hose, and a diffuser and oh! right! both the ******* hookah charcoal and the exotic finger coal! ... So I really got my hopes up high!!! everything should arrive to me in the end of next week if Im lucky!

by the way, which coal do you use..?
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