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Default Re: UGH! oMg!!!

No I think he leaves today. And will be back the 26th. as far as I know.

I should have placed another order. I'm running out of stuff fast. though I have no money so i don't think that would have worked out. Damn.

I want hookah and I want it now!!! UGH. it's killing me. Seriously! Crap.... What am i going to smoke when I get home. Hrm..... Probably a medley. Maybe raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and lemonade? eh... maybe just the berry mix with a hint of strawberry. Might be good.

I think I will call up the other half right before I leave and be like , turn on the burner get the coals going, and get water in the base! I'm coming home! Lol

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