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Default Re: UGH! oMg!!!

You sir, are an ass hat. I just wanted to point that out to you, just incase you didn't already know! lol

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... 5 MORE HOURS........ keep killing that time.... yes... keep killing it. That's it. Die time. DIe...... faster...... lol

Ps..... You are lame too sam... You are evil and vile and yes you should NEVER be so lazy as to not ant to set up y our hookah. It takes all of two minutes..... get your skills down pat and you could be just like me.....

God... i HATE ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW..... the ability to breathe in those puffy clouds of sweet hookah goodness.... ugh. lame.

GLaDOS: "You euthanised your faithful companion cube more quickly than any test subject on record. Congratulations!"
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