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Default Re: do hookah diffuesers do more than just mellow ou the "bubbly" sound??

I've been using my Heba diffuser since I got my hookah, about 3 months ago. I've probably smoked a good 20 bowls out of it atleast. I've taken it off maybe once or twice since then.. It did feel like the smoke was alittle harsher without it, but that could be chopped up to bowl packing/heat management. Tough to say. But I can say that my coals shake towards the middle of the bowl without it, so that kinda sucks. Lately though I think it's starting to negatively affect things, as the diffuser is retaining smells, and is hard to get clean. soaking it in baking soda or vinegar helps, but I think it's at a point of diminishing returns. It's not meant to last forever, and in the instructions it does say it will start going yellow when it's time to get a new one.

So, I don't know if its the must have accessory its billed as. I'd much rather see a metal one that's easier to keep clean.
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