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Default Re: Putting Sisha in the fridge?

I had made the same mistake for long time. But then one time girlfriend was cleaning out frigde so my tobacco had been out for a few hours and forgot to be put in..
When I opened it ( it was stored in glas jar ) I noticed it smelled 10 times fore man! All flavours suddenly smelled sooo good! That's when i realised that shisha must be stored in room temp. cus thats when it tastes the best! Also if u have shisha in fridge, and then put it directly in bowl to smoke then it will not get heated as it should be.. It's really not good to have in fridge.

But I think that unopened containers is stored better is fridge ( just my guess ). So when im about to open a new tobacco, I take it out of the fridge a day before. And then can smoke it next day. but this is only necessary if u want to store shisha for a long period of time, maybe 6 months to a year ? otherwise u can have it in room temp. in a dark place..

this is not only my opinion as I have been searching the web about this quesction and the best answer Ive gotten is that the air is much drier in fridge and therefore open shisha tobacco should not be stored there!
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