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Default Re: Buying my first hookah

I say a Mya Acrylic. You will be moving the hookah around quite a bit and need it to be as light as possible and still be completely functional and aesthetically pleasing. The Acrylic base is hard to break, I have had mine for over 2 years and have never even cracked it. Also, it can be any amount of hoses you want, you just use adapters. The stem itself is very durable, and screws apart to be cleaned easily. The stem screws onto the base so it will never slip off or give a bad seal.

The amount of hoses doesn't affect shit. It doesn't make any sense how it even could. The pull is based mainly on the Heart Style, the Hose Diameter and the Core Diameter. KM's are usually the widest. Mya's are Common Chamber, which means it has a hollow heart that smoke builds up in that ever hose draws from (no single holes). Mya hookahs have a very wide bore because they have no center tube core; the downstem is very thick as well. getting a multiple hose Egyptian defeats the purpose of the Egyptian style hookah.

For your needs, you for sure want to go with Mya Acrylic.

I usually have 10-15 people on my single 4 hosed Acrylic and 4 hoses are definitely needed, but it would be better if people could deal with less, but of course they cannot.

DO NOT GET A MULTIPLE HOSE EGYPTIAN. Stick with a 1 hose Egyptian, or a Mya Acrylic (1-4 hoses).

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