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Default Re: smoking bad for excercise?

Originally Posted by highlight View Post
Hey, I have a doctorate degree in exercise science, hopefully I will be able to help you out (+ other credentials)! As others stated above smoking anything will hurt your endurance. It's not too bad if you only work on getting bigger or stronger, but will impact your oxygen intake significantly allowing your muscles longer recovery times during and after your workouts, so you can't train as often. Your VO2 max will be compromized if you smoke (especially 3-4x/week) and you cannot get rid of lactic acid as quick since it flushed to your blood stream and will stay in areas longer with more CO2 in the bloodstream. If you are serious about this, definately cut back on smoking to nothing while training. In the off season I don't think smoking once every 2 weeks or so will cause significant detraining results.
As far as tai fighting this is an aerobic workout cardiovascularly taxing your system. For optimal results do not smoke and train for functional strength and endurance- ie. use multiple plains of movement with weights. This is becoming a popular way to train these days. If you need more info look up some kettle bell workout (windmill, turkish get ups...), yoga/pilates for core strength/flexibility... on and on.
Question is how serious are you... sounds like recreation, so go ahead and smoke it up. When you get serious just cut back on the smoke.
Im really dissapointed at that answer... =( I really hoped that smoking wouldn't affect my stamina in the way u describe it..
Im not really death serious.. My goal is not to fight in ultimate fighting championship.. But I do except some results from the training, since we really train hard.. Im telling you man, muay thai must be some of the hardest trainings there is.. I go to swedens top 1 club..
But.. I mean..I dont really want to cut down completly on the shisha.. What kind of life would that be man.. I train really good and hard and combine that with the gym.. I eat very correct! I get the rest I need both sleeping and between excercises..
And ur saying that if I smoke 3 times a week, it will reduce my stamina to a point where I dont really get any better, or it's going very slow ( in stamina aspect ) ... ?
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