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Default Re: smoking bad for excercise?

I agree with you 100% fighters are some of the best overall conditioned athletes in the world- esp muai thai. You need to grapple and throw tons of leg kicks, elbow/knees and be proficient with your hands youre damn right this takes serious training to be a top performer.

Smoking just won't optimize the time you spend at the gym! Try just smoking once a week and see if you don't feel as spent durning your training sessions, or even better don't smoke for about three or four weeks and see. This'll give you some time to "clear out" your lungs. I'm sure some fighters smoke occassionally, but not during their ramping up periods and rest before fights. I love to smoke too, but work that into the times you don't train as hard, and if not anything just cut down a little and see how you do! Sounds like you do work at the gym and in you life, so maximize it!
And the reality is it won't slow you down a ton, you just won't progress as fast. Take that as you will...
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