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Default Re: Buying a hookah part by part

Mya has expensive parts. See, each part will cost you the same or more compared to a full set-up. With a Mya, every part can be mixed and matched. This means that EVERY site that carries Mya will have different set-ups from other sites, and also some of the same. Vendors most of the time charge as bit less for Manufacturers products then their own generic brand or what-not. Also, usually, vendors do not sell excess Mya stems that look nice, they are mostly just either the staff stem or something that looks less ornate then other stems by Mya. Same with the bases, you can get a much better base from buying a full set-up. The hose port adapters usually go from $4-10, the lower priced ones usually non-auto seal. The non auto-seal ones fit Nammors, KM's, and Razan hoses in much smoother then auto-seal ones because of the screw that holds the ball in the small area that creates the auto-seal.

Ohh, and you have general freebies listed there like tongs, bowl, grommets, etc. You do need grommets and bowl and what-not, but all vendors you buy a hookah from will offer all of that fro free with your hookah, and sometimes will offer shisha as well. The best place fro freebies is Hookah-Shisha Central of course, but you are out of the US so i can't recommend a company unfortunately.

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