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Hey guys rite da thing is today i went nd bought a whole load of 250g AF flavours of ma mate and i noticed there wer a few flavours ive never tried before and i was wondering wat you guys think of them before i try it.. if its not that good i wont be bothering becoz i havent got much time these days-BTW i havnt had time to pick up or order a KM or any of johns coals jus havnt had the time to go to his site as my work is going crazy... the credit crunch... lehman bro's collapse etc etc i had a extremly hard and busy week -oh wel i cant complain i guess the people working for the lehamn bros office in london they arnt gettin paid this week! lol i have a few mates in that office and they tell me all wages temporalily are being taken away and shot into the us economy tring to save the company! i wonder if it will work? hmm thats 6billion dollars worth of anyway slightly of topic :P bak to the start yh guys let me no wot AF grenadine and AF grape and mint(together) is like and it will be much appreciated maybe if any of you guys from the us come across the pond il show you around and we can go laugh at the lehman bros workers (Hehe) lol anyways yh hopefuly soon il muster up energy to find a decent hookah and order johns coals but until then my cheap pipe and my QLs wil have 2 do me

Thnx guys sorry for the long writin lol its late and im so tired i tend to go on...anywayz hit back asap! thnx PS-grenadine is june 08 batch---grape+mint is may 08


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