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Default Re: smoking bad for excercise?

I am a bit different then the typical narghile fan in that I never liked cigarettes and I was smoking pipes and cigars long before i ever heard of moassel. Basically smoking is about 2 things: A) the craftsmanship/lore and B) the taste texture of the smoke. Basically smoking is like really great food or drink in that it is about delighting the senses.

How I smoke without inhaling: I draw just a small amount of smoke in a shallow and fast drag, hold it for a second or so and repeat but hold the smoke for several seconds and release slowly. No big clouds, no working the lungs because I just use my checks to draw the smoke. Then I wait a go good 30 secords or more before taking another puff.

Smoking this way is a lot more relaxing then sucking up smoke like you are trying to fill a bus tire.
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