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Default Re: Cannot get setup right for Tangiers...

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
ocmj, juno does have alot more experience with this product than i do, i tried it a couple of times at home and have gotten it right, idk how, but it was right, however, it's too much for me to handle (ducking smack from AR)
i think this product os great since it's made pretty much by hand, not mass produced and the guy making it is passionate and not just about the money.
i like the lucid line too which is much easier to work with, but i still find that it knocks me out and i've been smoking for years.
Hey John, not sure if you remember me but I was up at George's last month with Eric when we were dropping off a shipment and you brought your coals around.

Anyway, OP, can you take some photos of the way you are setting the bowl up? Mainly photos of how much you are packing into your bowl. Like others have said, you may want to pack more into the bowl. Thin smoke is generally an under-packing issue and when you add that extra coal, since there isn't already enough tobacco in the bowl, what is there begins to get harsh because of the air gap.

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