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Wink Need Help Buying Hookah!

Hi guys! It's like this. I live in sweden, and Im looking for a really good hookah to go with my glas funnel and razor sultan hose! I want it to have the BEST air draw so I can get really good clouds. I want it to have a good big base so it fits lots of water and nice for the cooling effect to get better. I want it to look really big and masculine! ( lol dont ask ) . I want it to be stainless steel so it dont rust and taste bad in a few months!

Since I live so far away from the sops in US I only get one chance to order ( since im not rich and shipping costs will really cost much! :S ) .
SO please help me find the perfect pipe! Ive heard KM is really good, I do not want one with a ice chamber or such! and I will replace the hose and bowl anyways so never mind that ( standard is always bad nomatther pipe u buy.. ) ..

Thx for helping guys! also if possible post links to where I can buy the pipe u recommend!
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