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Default Experiences..

Got bored so i thought i might be fun to read a few weird wonderful and crazy that has happened to you smoking shisha before shisha and after so post away! open up! no need to hide things! lol

WEIRD- i was smoking shisha with a few mates and it was late night...we just got back from a graveyard as we were erm trying to scare each other lol and we went inside and as we were smoking everytime we blew smoke i always got blown to the right side for some reason..really freaky..there was no wind nothing lik that but it was completely blown sideways lol freaky...

WONDERFULL- The first time i smoked AF double apple with a few friends nice just chilling out and tasted great andd just so relaxin...

CRAZY- smoking in a Strecth hummer with 5 or six people and the someone pulled the hose a bit to hardly and the coal dropped! everyone went crazy and the carpet catched on fire! everyone at once tried to stop the fire jumping around was hectic! driver mustve thought we were mad!

Please post ur experiences!

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