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Awful: When I accidently pulled down on the hose when I sat on my bed (I forgot I put the razan on my bed after I set everything up. Then, 2 Ch natural coals were just burning the carpet and I didn't see my tongs in sight. I picked up the coals with my bare hands! Luckily, I threw them on my ashtray so fast that it didn't leave any burn marks on my fingers I'm a pro

Luckily, I know how to get rid of burns marks since I have so friggen many of them on my bedroom carpet. Its not noticeable at all and believe me, these burns marks could be seen very easily!

Weird: My dog is scared of the noise the hookah makes. I also randomly made a smoke ring that went like 4 feet away from me

Wonderful: The relaxing smoke sessions with the buddies. Haha especially that one time when I had a kick back at my house and my dad came home unexpectedly Good times!
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