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Default Re: WTF AF!?

I got my AF golden esk. apple 2 months ago from its an oct 2007 batch and it smokes great. I am however not familiar with the date at which AF "new batch" was entered into the market.This is also the first time i'm hearing about a prob with AF esk apple. I also have AF Golden Strawberry and AF watermelon. The watermelon by nature is a very strong flavour and is sure to tingle your throat if not loaded properly(it does tingle a little for like the first 10 mins before you get it going). I"m guessing thats the prob your having. Coz it took me like a month to figure out how to load up the new AF. It doesnt have a prob with the heat its just that you need to load up the bowl properly. I just sprinkle a little(by little i mean lesser than average not too less though) poke more holes in the foil(thin holes) and use 2/4 exoticas(with wind cover as needed). Hope this helps.
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