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Default Re: 2 Hose or more Hookah

I have a 3 hose Syrian Chiller from H-S. At first I had it set up for all 3 hoses, but I've converted to single. It works great either way. The only problem is the ball bearings in the hose ports get nasty quick, and end up sticking alot. I've taken them all out, and put in rubber stoppers on those ports. I do think the hose ports restrict air flow, as they are do not have a complete hole. It's preferated so the BB doesn't go up in your hose, so it's like a little 3 hole screen. I want to order a replacement one that I can bore out, so I can use that for single hose use, and have the orignal if I want to put the bearing back in for multi-hose use.

This is my first real hookah, and I have to say, I have zero complaints with it. It's big, beautiful, smooth, and hits like a champ.
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