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Default Re: do hookah diffuesers do more than just mellow ou the "bubbly" sound??

No, it will start to mess up the taste of your shisha. I chucked mine recently, as it was browning, and smelled nasty. No amount of cleaning helps it. But this is intended. If you read the instructions, it is supposed to absorb impurities, and you are supposed to by a new one when it gets nasty.

IMO, it's not worth the money, since it's something that will not last, and it's benefits seems to really cut down on noise more than anything else. I noticed no difference in smoke thickness, except when I took it off, as it restricts air flow a tad, and I couldn't hit as easy. I want a buzz when I smoke, so cutting the nicotine seems to be a minus to me!

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Sorry for my bad english but.. Does that mean that a plastic diffuser ( this original heba ) can be used forever without it "wearing down" taste as someone said in earlier post?
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