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Default Rust in the stem.

So i was getting a funky taste in my hookah. Long story short it wasn't the hose, and the stem looked rather gunked up. I was told by someone to wash it out with baking soda, water, and lemon juice or vinegar. That's what i did, and a week later the inside of the stem is ridden with rust. In the 6 months i've had this, it's never rusted until i used baking soda and vinegar on it.

So my question is, i obviously can't get all that rust off 100%, but if i clean it out best i can are there any health risks in smoking out of it? It's not COVERED in rust, i could probably get a good 90% of it cleaned off. Most of it's on the downstem area, near the two holes below the hookah where the smoke's drawn in.

I'm pretty sure this is a stupid question, but flavor issues aside since i don't think that will be a problem if i clean it well, are there any health risks on smoking with a little bit of rust in the stem? I know i'll get a lot of 'maybe probably' answers, but i looked on google and such and the best i could find was if you ingest rust. Nothing on smoking out of material with rust on it...
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