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Default Re: Question.... Phunnel bowls?

Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post
I have a small phunnel, which I use every session. I do not think that it's too much shisha for 1 person, and it does not smoke for hours on end. I get 1 round of coals out of it, and if I try to recoal, most of the time it tastes burnt at first, then it seems to get a tad better. There is a wee little bit of wet shisha left after 1 set of coals, but not enough for another go.

Now, does this mean I'm doing it wrong? I dunno. Last I tried was smoking some Layalina Grape, and while Layalina is not the favorite here on the forums, It's pretty decent IMO. I fire it up with 3 coconaras, and that gets it hitting nice and thick.. I do not scorch my shisha at all, as I rotate the coals frequently. I just don't see how you could smoke out 3 people for 2+ hours on 1 phunnel worth.

What I have been doing is scraping out the small amount of untouched shisha, and just repacking it with fresh stuff, instead of just recoaling. Tastes that much better, and I'm not wasting anything..
i can got 2-3 rounds of cocos and as long as ive managed the heat right i wont get burnt taste. last week we smoked about 7 people (most not heavy smokers but 2-3 of us are) through the boondock saints, got pretty dead at 2 hours but wasnt totally gone but tha was with hookah hookah which seems to me to die faster.

and with tangiers theres no way u can be done with one round in a phunnel

but yes i agree that Layalina is a decent shisha, doesnt blow me away but not bad at all
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