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Al Buhtari is a very old Syrian brand and according to my Syrian pals it's the oldest moassel brand that is still in business. Unfortunately, they don't export it and it's like a few hundred brands in that it's sold within about a 20Km radius of where it's made.

Nakhla is Older then Salloum as the former was sold around 1912 or so. A lot of Turkish brands pre-date Nakhla but they are all out of business with the exceptions of Maden-Canek and Bachi-Bagli but both those brands are only sold locally ( the later is from Drama but I fogot where former is from). Some people say that the Turkish brands I mentioned don't count because they use honey rather then molasses an are technically a tobamel rather then a moassel.

Some Iranians will tell you that Dariush is the oldest moassel brand but in the end I don't know who is the oldest but if I had to guess i'd put my money on Al Buhtari or Maden Canek.

At various times I've sent out samples of everyting i've mentioned to people in the forum here. Problem is that they are hard to get and they don't travel well as they don't use preservatives so I don't have them too often.

I do have some Shooting Star ( اطلاق النار نجم ) moassel which is a very old brand from Syria and i've had a chum of mine post a few people here some. Shoot Star was founded in 1887 apparently.
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