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Default Appears that ther MAY be an issue w/ Dyimite Coal Fingers

I've been reading about alot of people having issues with these coals - I bought several bags and for the first bag, it was sweet: best coal I've used so far. But now I've cracked open a new bag and they are acting completely different - almost like it's a different brand of coals...

They split down the longway, they ash thicker and denser, and don't seem to last as long as they did in the first bag. They still work fine, just very differently than the 1st bag I had.

Has anybody else suffered these same issues with the Dyimite Finger Coals?

I hope they haven't changed something drasticly - I love these coals and recommend them to several people here (and elsewhere) and now feel bad that they seemed to have changed for the worse
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