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Default Re: interesting tidbit

Originally Posted by Kalkail View Post
You and me both! Thank goodness I don't have to write research grant applications until next year. Strides are being made though, perhaps not within the US so much but globally perceptions are changing.
3rd that, i use applied kenisology and that was what helped me find out i have celiac disease/gluten intolerance when "normal" docs just said "o you have IBS", ya thanks guys your wonderful diagnosis would have led to be me getting sicker and sicker as i got older.

i have just gotten to the point that i dont care what the government is doing any more, ill vote for who i want and all but either way i will never agree with them all the way. i just go with my own experiences, smoking a few cigs the next day i dont feel as good as if i smoke hookah for 3-4 hours. there fore my body thinks hookah is better

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